Creature Workshops - Introduction to Mari

Hi everyone,

Through my years working in the VFX industry, I've dedicated much time helping Artists to develop their skills and learn as much as they could from me. Moving forward, I've decided to organize my own online Workshops.

The first class should happen very soon. As a starter, we will focus on Creature Texturing in Mari. The class will happen during a complete week, from Monday to Friday, and will last between 5 to 6 hours daily. If you decide to join but can't be here during some of the sessions, the recording will be made available to watch online for a couple of days after the course.

The week remains to be defined, but as of now, please send me a shout if you're interested to know more about price and availability! You can reach out to me by email at or send me a direct message.

Depending on the interest of our creative community, I may decide to cover more topics in the future.