No to unethical AI

No to unethical AI.

Having worked for Meta's AI department, previously Facebook AI, this may seem like an ambiguous statement. However, never I have felt robe of my rights. I was paid under contract conditions for developing an ethical data set of animals and gave my written consent for my assets to be publicly reused. The terms and conditions were clear. The ownership was under no question and the name of everyone involved in the team is clearly displayed on papers associated with our research work.

AI have a place in our future; and ultimately they are only the brainless product of people. In order to keep everyone safe, deep sense of Ethic and Respect have to prevail and a legal system has to be put in place.

Artists are a core part of society and will keep being. ArtStation should dedication itself to do its best to protest our rights against copyright infringements and prevent unethical publications.